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Intersectional Identities: Autism, gender, sexuality

Autistic individuals experience a high prevalence of sexual orientation and gender diversity. Reframing Autism and The Autistic Realm Australia are pleased to announce that the 2021 Biannual Symposium will be held on June 18, Autistic Pride Day, at Brighton Savoy. Taking place during Pride Month, the Symposium will provide a platform for Australian Autistic, LGBTQIA+ speakers to share their lived expertise in intersectional identities.

Appropriate for the Autistic community, as well as for families, allies and professionals, the symposium will provide access to an in-depth exploration of the experiential knowledge of Autistic-LGBTQIA+ individuals, an understanding of which is crucial to supporting Autistic individuals across the lifespan.

The structure of the program at the 2021 Biannual Symposium has been designed to ensure accessibility, and to encourage engagement and interaction.

The single-stream program will include expert sessions, panel discussions, and keynote presentations by Dr Emma Goodall and Dr Wenn Lawson. The expert sessions and panel discussions will cover the broad themes of:

  • youth experiences
  • implications for practice and parenting, and
  • living intersectional identities authentically.

Join us in June to celebrate Autistic and LGBTQIA+ identity and culture.

Agenda to be announced shortly. Please click here to purchase your ticket to this event.


This event is co-hosted by The Autistic Realm Australia (TARA) and funded by an ILC grant administered by the DSS.



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