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Subject: Therapies

  • Growing up Autistic

    Growing up Autistic

    • Blogs
    • September 23, 2020

    In this special guest blog, non-speaking advocate, Tim Chan, reflects on the challenges of growing up Autistic without traditional communication, and of making sense of the world and his role in it.

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  • Anna Cristina on Autistic wellbeing

    Anna Cristina on Autistic wellbeing

    Join Autistic advocate, Anna Cristina, of The Autistic Realm Australia and Positively Pink, as she explores the fundamentals of Autistic wellbeing and thriving.

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  • Position statement on therapies and interventions

    Position statement on therapies and interventions

    As an organisation, Reframing Autism has grave concerns about the provision of any therapy or intervention which “normalises” Autistic people or suppresses intrinsic Autistic behaviours. Read our full position statement on therapies, including ABA and EIBIs here.

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  • What is play?

    What is play?

    Play is synonymous with enjoyment: it implies engagement, fun, immersion. The definition does not — and I say again, emphatically NOT — prescribe what play is. It describes the feeling that we experience when we play (enjoyment); it does not prescribe what activities constitute ‘play’.

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  • Investing in relationships: The core business of parenting

    Investing in relationships: The core business of parenting

    There is no doubt that parents are busy. The struggle of the juggle is real. Work, domestics, parenting … they all very often result in parents being stretched too thinly. Let’s face it, it makes me exhausted just thinking about the never-ending rotation of cooking, cleaning, washing, groceries, ironing, not to mention the diplomacy required to negotiate the tricky business of sibling interactions, or the extra-curricular routines that require a dedicated taxi service, or the day-to-day skirmish required to achieve clean bodies, hygienic teeth, full tummies.

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